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Melbury College

Melbury College

A partnership that includes Melrose Secondary & Primary Schools, Canterbury Campus, Lavender Campus, Whatley Campus and Cobham Court.


What we are trying to achieve 

At Melbury College we aim to deliver a broad and balanced curriculum that will enable all our young people to become successful learners who enjoy learning, make progress and achieve.

Our Year 7 and 8 Nurture Groups are set up to allow a successful transition from primary to secondary school. We work with the whole child to help get them ready for their GCSE’s and beyond. We teach the full curriculum in an engaging and creative way with a focus on core subjects. This helps the young people accelerate on skills they already have, and learn and improve in skills they might not have.  The young people have the opportunity to move around for more practical subjects to get use to the school environment and gain new experiences. We work alongside the Nurture principles which allows us to work with the young people on their well-being. This includes teaching and modelling life skills for coping in and outside of the school environment.

We personalise the curriculum to ensure it meets the needs of our pupils. We aim for the pupils to become confident individuals who are able to lead safe, healthy and fulfilling lives and that they become responsible citizens who will make a positive contribution to society. We aim to widen our pupil’s knowledge and their horizons.

All learners irrespective of their race or gender should have genuine equal opportunities which enable them to experience and benefit from all aspects of school life. Equal opportunity is more than access to the curriculum; it places on teachers a responsibility for avoiding sex and race stereotyping and challenging discriminatory or prejudiced attitudes.

The diversity of experience which children and young people bring to school are recognised and learners should feel secure and confident enough to share their personal and cultural experiences with their teachers and their peers in an atmosphere of tolerance, sensitivity and understanding.

We need to be creative in our approaches to learning, as all our pupils require a degree of curriculum personalisation. They are pupils who have failed to engage in mainstream methods and need the curriculum adapted so that they can achieve. Each subject leader is responsible to find approaches that will engage the pupils in learning, but also wherever possible also achieve national standards, engaging with externally accredited qualifications, Entry Level qualifications and GCSE examinations as ultimately these are the standards they wish to achieve and those by which we are judged.

Please click the following links to learn more about some of the subjects taught:-

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